My Top 10 Go-To Skincare Products

I am so excited to share this highly-requested post about my skincare routine and favorite products. My skin is oily and acne-prone so my personal regimen focuses on preventing acne while also moisturizing and preventing wrinkles. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different so do what works for you!

Since most of these products can be found at your local drugstore, you don’t have to break the bank to have beautiful skin! There are a few splurges on here but only for products I truly think are worth the $.

  1. Cleanser

Neutrogena facewash with 3.5% benzoyl peroxide is my favorite! I leave it on my face for a few minutes while brushing my teeth then rinse in order to remove dirt, oil and bacteria.

Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes I keep these in my nightstand in case I’m reading in bed and am too lazy/sleepy to make it to the bathroom!


2. Facial moisturizer

Avene hydrance I apply this every morning – it’s lightweight which doesn’t cake under makeup.


Cerave moisturizing cream

I use this thicker cream on my face and body before bed. I also TRY to apply it immediately after the shower but admittedly forget this way too often.

4. Retinoid

Adapalene gel

One of my biggest pet peeves is commercialized retinoids. Over-the-counter formulations are on average 1/100th the strength of prescription retinoids and are often upwards of 5x the price. There is one awesome exception – Adapalene (Differin) – which is newly over the counter and retails for about $20. I personally alternate adapalene or tazorac gel nightly (3x per week in the winter) to prevent acne as well as wrinkles.

5. Spot treat acne

I use topical prescription clindamycin foam to spot treat acne.

6. Body breakouts 

I keep Panoxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide in my shower and use it 1-2x per week to prevent body breakouts.

7. CC cream

My CC cream has SPF 50 included so I never go a day without face sunscreen! UV protection is the #1 most important ways to protect your skin from aging, discoloration and wrinkles! (#2 is to not smoke cigarettes!)

8. Body sunscreen

On rare sunny days in Boston I apply sunscreen 30 SPF or above. The efficacy of UV protection drops significantly below SPF 30 but increases only incrementally over SPF 30 (see table below). I personally use La Roche Posay brand, and it is currently the #2 most recommended by Dermatologists!


Heliocare this is basically sunscreen in pill form! It contains Polypodium leucotomos (an antioxidant in the same family as antioxidants found in tea and coffee) which prevents DNA damage from UV light. Most effective when combined with topical sunscreen.

9. Serum

I am recently a big fan of skinceuticals HA serum. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the deepest skin layer and draws moisture into the skin leaving it more radiant and improving the appearance of fine lines.


10. Eye cream

I’ve been using Lancome eye cream since I was a teenager (thanks for the samples, mom) But am currently trying this Colorescience total eye cream and its amazing! It has multiple benefits including reducing puffiness, includes a mineral sunscreen, and brightens up the under-eye area like concealer! Gently apply to under-eye area with your ring finger to avoid applying too much pressure. 

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