Out of the Office

Vacation Recap

Happy October!

I’m getting back into my routine after a full week of blissful vacation. The week ended up being more of a stay-cation with a few smaller trips mixed in to keep things interesting.


My best friend/coworker Christina and I drove down the cape to celebrate my friend Sonja’s birthday. We went out for a girl’s night dinner and drinks and had a blast catching up. Sunday was Sonja’s actual birthday and she got her ultimate birthday wish: a bonus beach day at the end of September!




I met my mom in NYC for some mother-daughter time. My parents live in upstate NY where I grew up, so Manhattan was an easy place for us to meet. We had the absolute best time together, probably because my mom and I enjoy doing all the same things! Our days were packed with walking (over 26,000 steps a day), shopping, eating and visiting family. One of the highlights was visiting the 47th street diamond district where my mom worked when she first moved to America over 25 years ago. We saw the booth where she used to work and even met some of her old co-workers who now own the booth. It was so special to see that piece of my mom’s life and we both left New York with amazing memories together.




My boyfriend took the day off to spend time with me before he left for a weekend work trip, isn’t he the best?! We both did our own workouts (it felt so good to get back to the gym after almost 5 days off!) and then met up and made breakfast together. We spent the rest of the day out and about and went to see the movie “IT” in theaters, did some shopping and ate seriously amazing sushi. Admittedly, scary movies are not my thing and I watched half the movie between my fingers but it was still fun! I can’t even remember the last time I had seen a movie in theaters.



I picked up a moonlighting shift at the hospital. I know, I know it’s supposed to be my vacation. But this was such a great opportunity I couldn’t say no! Working a PAID shift on a rainy day when, let’s be honest, I would have just spent the day binging Netflix on my couch. While earning extra income is amazing, I’m honestly most interested in moonlighting so that I can practice working independently before I graduate from residency. It’s too easy to ask my supervising doctor if I have any doubt or question about a patient but moonlighting really challenges me to learn what I know vs. what I don’t know, when I have to look something up, when do I ask for help.




Typical Sunday here. Started my day off at the gym, I did a quick 2 mile treadmill warmup before completing a sweaty and challenging Aaptiv strength workout. Has anyone else tried this fitness app? It’s one of my favorites! Aaptiv is audio-only so a trainer walks you through your choice of workout along to some upbeat background music. My favorites are the strength, cycle, and treadmill interval workouts. After the gym I had a productive day filled with grocery shopping, meal prepping for the week and laundry.


Now it’s back to the grind of residency and back to real life. Part of me will miss vacation but another part of me is excited to get back to being productive again. Am I a crazy person?!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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