First Blog Post


One of the best parts of my job as a physician is simply being able to talk to people all day. I never wanted a “desk job” sitting behind a computer and am so privileged to get to chat with others all day and have people speak to me freely about their lives. I’ve noticed that my favorite encounters with patients are the ones where we discuss wellness – how to be “healthy” and optimize a person’s lifestyle in order to live longer and feel better. One of my hopes for this blog is to connect with people on a bigger scale and maybe even bring some inspiration or empowerment to readers.

I started journaling privately earlier this year when I was going through a rough patch in my life and found it remarkably helpful for reflection. Admittedly, my writing trailed off as that temporary crisis resolved and life got busy. My more selfish goal for this blog is that it simply holds me accountable for my own writing and reflections, if I am able to positively affect a few lives in the process then that is a bonus (and, after all what doctors are supposed to do!)


Clinically blonde

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